Winter may be a little slow, but it’s coming…….

Even though winter has been slow in arriving, it will come.  Now is the time to take one more trip around the house to make sure there isn’t a water hose still hooked up to a hose bib  or there isn’t an outside spigot with a slow drip even though it is appears to be shut completely off  and disconnected from the hose.  Colder temperatures can fill the pipe in a “frost free” hose bib with ice, splitting the pipe inside the wall.  This type of break won’t even typically show up till next spring when a hose is hooked up and the water turned on.

Boise/Treasure Valley Offices

We have opened our Treasure Valley/Boise area office.

We look forward to extending service to those people and businesses we already know in the Boise area as well developing new relationships.

Please call our Boise/Treasure Valley number at (208) 385-9111 or our nationwide toll free at (855) 735-9111 to learn how “WE PUT THINGS RIGHT!!”

Grand Opening of our Magic Valley Facility

Photos from the Grand Opening of our Magic Valley Facility.

The warehouse/processing area is a reinforced concrete building with 24-hour security monitoring and fire suppression system. An attached office facility will serve as our Magic Valley training and administrative offices. The plant was designed give us the capability to assess, clean and restore the personal property of residential and commercial clients , then to securely store these contents while our client’s property is undergoing structural repairs as a result of some type of damage event.

We now have approx. 100,000 CF of warehouse/processing space available, much of which is dedicated to vaulted and climate-controlled storage. We’re proud to offer a modern restoration facility to the Southern Idaho market.

Please call and stop by if you missed the grand opening.