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Competent and Successful Restoration of Your Property

Our experiences in dealing with insurance claims and the unique procedural requirements of completing a successful restoration project have been developed over 29 years in business. We provide service to property owners while cooperating with their management and insurance coverage providers to finish the project quickly, competently, appropriately and completely.

We have resources at our immediate disposal to address most all commercial loss situations. In the event of losses requiring more extensive resources than those readily available locally, we have access to equipment, personnel and expertise through a network of Restoration Professionals from the Intermountain area (and beyond). Having successfully completed projects through our network partners we are comfortable that there is no project beyond our capability to complete successfully.

We can help ensure the continuity and speed the recovery of a business loss by preparing a priority response agreement – to anticipate special needs particular to your business in case of a damage event.

Do You Have A Disaster Readiness Program In Place?

REE-Construction Disaster  Readiness Program

REE-Construction – First General Idaho, in conjunction with the building management team,  can provide commercial facilities assistance in developing their Disaster Readiness Plan.  It is designed to ensure that response to any type of event is well coordinated and planned in advance.

Most property professionals know that the first 24 to 48 hours, in any event, is the most critical. A good plan that is well executed has many benefits, including:

  • Reducing the overall cost of the event (water loss, fire, regional weather event, etc.)
  • Mitigating the extent of the damage
  • Reducing the impact on occupants
  • Seamless interaction between the REE Construction’s team, property owners and managers as well as all of the stakeholders – insurance adjusters, tenants, HOA, etc.
  • A valuable part of every Business Continuity Plan

The typical Disaster Readiness Plan starts with customized building plans and integrates:

  • Site maps
  • Building contact information
  • Locations and photos of all major building systems:
    1. HVAC controls
    2. main shut-offs
    3. heavy equipment location
    4. water controls
    5. electrical
  • Preplanned incident logistics:
    1. service elevator
    2. mitigation equipment and personnel entry plan
    3. dumpster location
  • First Man Notes™:
    1. Parking location for emergency vehicles
    2. Building access locations
    3. Security access codes

Available 24/7 to the appropriate stakeholders, REE-Construction is armed with the necessary information to respond to an event.

A disaster readiness plan is also available for daily use by the building management team. It is the perfect tool to train new property staff, to collaborate with owners or regional staff not present on the property, to store important building information, and more.

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