What should an insurance agent get when a client suffers a property damage claim?

The answer is “a renewal” and for extra credit, you can add “a referral”.

Until the time comes that your client actually uses their insurance coverage, all they are paying for is a promise.

When the pipe breaks or the turkey burns or the basement floods, you have the chance to let them know what a wise decision they made in choosing to spend their premium dollars with you.

A claim gives them the opportunity to become a raving fan assuming you have the team that is able to deliver the best experience possible within the terms of the insurance contract.

One member of that team is the insurer you represent.

The other is the service provider that initially responds to the site, mitigates and then restores their property.

We ‘d like to suggest that you want to be associated with a company that has a proven record and will make you look good because whether the experience is good or miserable your client will be telling everyone they know about it every chance they get.

We’d also like to suggest that you want to be associated with a company that makes an effort to impress upon your client that you are involved in bringing them back to a pre-loss condition.

Please visit our Guild Quality page to verify our record of satisfying clients in what are inherently difficult situations.  http://www.guildquality.com/REE-ConstructionFirstGeneralIdaho

I also invite you to call me and find out how we can give you actual access to the progress on your client’s claim and a simple thing we do to give you a “touch” with your client once they are satisfied that everything is back in place.

Ron Reese

President / REE-Construction

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