REE-Construction – Restores Fire and Smoke Damage in southern Idaho

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REE-Construction provides comprehensive fire damage and smoke damage restoration throughout the southern Idaho area. We provide emergency board up, security fencing, temporary structural shoring, pack out, structural repairs, contents inventory, contents restoration, contents storage during repairs and pack in services.

Full Service Fire Damage Restoration – A Local Company – A Rapid Response!

We have crews on call 24/7 in several locations throughout southern Idaho to respond to the immediate needs at the fire scene. We know that a proper board up and, if needed, security fencing or onsite security will preserve the fire scene and protect your property from what is generally referred to in the fire insurance parlance as “mysterious disappearance”.

33+ Years of Disaster and Damage Restoration in Southern Idaho

Damaged Property Storage – Safe, Trusted, Clean, Secure

Often times the extent of a damage prevents restoration work at the site of a smoke damage or fire damage.  in those cases, pack out, restoration, storage and pack in of those damaged items during structural repairs is necessary.

When personal property or contents are affected by fire damage or smoke, we have climate controlled, alarmed and fire-sprinkled storage available for those personal contents. They will be stored in sealed vaults during any reconstruction and smoke cleanup done at your property. We won’t put your contents in an unheated mini-storage like some other companies.

What security do you have that your property is covered against additional loss while in someone else’s care, custody, and control?  We carry bailees/bailor insurance so that your personal effects are insured while in transit or in our climate controlled facility.

We also offer full reconstruction services making sure that any permitting and structural requirements are met.

In addition, we offer a Smoke Odor Removal guarantee when our recommended processes are followed to restore a smoke damage condition. There is no worse feeling than returning to a “restored” home(e.g. after a kitchen fire restoration project) only to find that the smoke smell may be masked, but is not really gone.

Fire Damage Board Up and Emergency Services

If you suffer a serious fire at your home or business, often even when the fire damage appears devastating, a professional fire damage restoration contractor can save and restore not only structures, but also your fire damaged personal property.

It is important that the property is secured to prevent either mysterious disappearance of items from your damaged home or injury to the curious. A fire damage board-up will keep the conditions stable and prevent trespass until there is time to sort out what and how the property damage will be addressed. We provide a quick response for your board up and security needs 24/7.

Smoke and Fire Damage Mitigation

If your home suffers heavy structural damage from a house fire or some degree of smoke damage severity from the incomplete combustion of say, a kitchen fire; promptly mitigating smoke and heat damage to restorable finishes, fixtures and your personal property can dramatically increase the likelihood that damaged property can be fully restored to a pre-loss condition.

It may also mean that smoke or fire damaged finishes and finishes can not only be fully restored, but that the restoration process can be accomplished faster and with less expense, giving you the opportunity to return to your home and your normal routine sooner.

Fire Damage Restoration and Reconstruction

When the damage to the structure warrants damage reconstruction and restoration services, they may involve not just restoration or reconstruction of fire damaged buildings, but the restoration of the fire and smoke damage to personal property. This may include items ranging from clothing to the appliances that you have in your home.

The wide variety of services required in a fire damage restoration makes providing fire and smoke damage restoration services about more that carpentry skills. As a full-service fire damage restoration company, we know that our clients need assurance that all of their needs are addressed when their lives are disrupted by a fire or other property damage event.

REE-Construction provides 24/7 emergency fire damage, board up, security and full-service fire damage restoration services to  Twin Falls, Burley, Buhl, Bliss, Murtaugh, Hansen, Filer, Bellevue, Carey, Jerome, Hailey, Ketchum, Sun Valley and the surrounding areas. In addition, we offer prompt commercial damage repair and recovery from multiple locations around southern Idaho.