REE-Construction Takes the Pain out of Flood Damage Claims in Idaho

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If you have a property in Idaho that has been damaged by flooding of your basement or finished living space whether caused by the overflow of a river, spring runoff or some other floodwater source, it can be difficult to navigate the claims process.

This can be complicated further if the flood is either a third party liability claim involving a city or other municipality or if the flooding event is covered by the federal flood insurance program. Will they accept liability for the damage, will you have to pay more than your deductible, will your home smell moldy or musty when the work is done, did mold grow before the flood water was completely removed and the building dried?

Full Service Flood Damage Claim Restoration

A Local Company – A Rapid Response!

REE-Construction provides comprehensive flood damage restoration in throughout southern Idaho.  We speak insurance claims and can help make sure you are comfortable before, during and after the claim is filed.

We provide emergency response, drying, mitigation, remediation, board up, security fencing, temporary structural shoring, pack out, structural repairs, contents inventory, contents restoration, contents storage during repairs and pack in services for all kinds of property damage in addition to flooding.

We have crews on call 24/7 to respond to the immediate needs of damage. We know that quick, competent, appropriate and complete response can lessen the severity of any loss.

We offer full reconstruction services, making sure that any permitting and structural requirements are met.

At REE-Construction we provide service for all water damage restoration projects including federal flood insurance, third-party liability flood claims in  Twin Falls, Hailey, Burley, Ketchum,  Sun Valley, and the surrounding communities. We Put Things Right!

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