I was impressed by the absolute honesty from the REE-Construction supervisor. I had a choice of going with other companies who charged less but cut corners on workmanship and true restoration or get the job done well and completely and pay a little more. I chose the second option. I felt at ease knowing REE-Construction was doing the restoration. - Sandra B., Jerome, ID

REE-Construction – Services

When it comes to disasters and damages to your residential or commercial property – there’s no one better in southern Idaho to meet your needs. Our team is seasoned, time-tested, licensed, skilled, insured, honest and trustworthy in all of our actions and words. Just take a look below at the wealth of services we provide and then remember that we not only perform them better than any of our competitors, but we’ll treat your property and possessions as if they were our own.

Seriously, you’ll see that we actually care about your family, your health, and getting you a speedy recovery while maximizing your insurance claim to complete all required repairs. REE-Construction is a company that provides full-time, full-service disaster restoration contractor services throughout South Central Idaho.

As an IICRC Certified, licensed and bonded complete restoration service provider we offer general contractor, remodeling, handicap and disability access as well as  reconstruction services for both residential and commercial property.

Call REE-Construction today – “We Put Things Right!”

If you live in southern Idaho – call us toll free: 1-855-733-9111

As you read our services below, just remember that REE-Construction is open and ready to serve you 24 hours a day, every day of the week, and all year long. 

Take a closer look at our restoration services.

frozen pipe flooded basement damage boise twin falls treasure valley nampa caldwell

Broken or Frozen Pipes

It could be inadequate insulation – or maybe a power outage during freezing temperatures. Maybe you forgot to pay your electric bill and you’re away on vacation. Either way, frozen and broken pipes do happen and they’re never a fun thing to wake up to or to come home to… Contact us today and let us put things right.

high wind fallen tree damage weiser payette star middleton caldwell boise nampa

Wind Damage – Fallen Trees

You know it. You live here; Idaho can be very windy at times. High winds can damage your roof or your shingles. Strong winds can blow down sections of your fence, backyard structures, or even cause nearby trees to fall in places you’d least expect. Call REE-Construction anytime damaging winds blow your way.

mold remediation water damage boise twin falls treasure valley nampa caldwell

Flooded Home – Basement

An unexpected flood in your home can damage your personal possessions, your electronics, important documents, walls, doors, furniture, carpets, blinds or drapes, and basically anything that is at or below the flood level. You need to fix it quickly, it needs to be done right, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

natural disaster damage boise kuna eagle emmett star middleton weiser nampa caldwell

Natural Disasters – Storms

Powerful storms or other types of natural disasters can strike instantly, but the damage they leave behind can last for years and linger on if it is not properly restored, repaired, removed, or cleaned up. Don’t worry, REE-Construction has highly-skilled contractors can quickly assess your damage and make correct and lasting repairs.

mold remediation damage boise twin falls treasure valley nampa caldwell

Mold Remediation – Removal

Mold is not voodoo, it grows and flourishes under a very strict set of conditions. Once those conditions are corrected and the contamination is removed correctly, there is no reason why a building cannot be returned to its full use. If you choose the wrong company – your mold may never go away. Choose REE-Construction!

natural disaster damage boise kuna eagle emmett star middleton weiser nampa caldwell

Lightning Strikes – Storms

Once in a while, especially during the early or late summer months, Idaho can generate some powerful storms and beautiful displays of lightning across the sky. However, if lightning strikes on your residential or commercial property it can be a scary and emotionally draining time for you. Let us guide you through restoration.

fastest idaho emergency disaster cleanup and restoration service - ree-construction

24 Hour – Fast Response

If you have a life threatening emergency, then by all means – dial 911. But if you have unexpected damage to your personal or business property, then call REE-Construction immediately and let us stop the destruction and begin the restoration process. No other company cares for you or your property like we do!

house fire damage boise twin falls treasure valley nampa caldwell

House – Apartment Fires

Each year in America there are approximately 365,000 home fires that burn away structures, furniture, sacred or costly possessions, and they even take human life. If you’ve suffered through a fire – we’ve seen it before and we know exactly what you’re going through. Call us today and let us put things right for you!

insurance claims for disasters in boise nampa twin falls sun valley

Maximizing Insurance Claims

Some of our competitors are mere “puppets” for insurance agencies. They’ll quickly and CHEAPLY bid on your job just to make a quick buck and to keep your insurance agency happy. …Not us! – No, we work closely WITH YOU to make sure your property is restored and that you maximize your insurance claim.

For damage restoration - call us toll free!

heavy wind gusts damage boise kuna eagle emmett star middleton weiser nampa caldwell

High Wind – Micro Bursts

A microburst is a small downdraft that moves in a way opposite of a tornado. Microbursts are extremely hazardous to people on the ground with or without shelter. Microbursts are found in strong thunderstorms. Idaho has had a number of notable microbursts and REE-Construction has been their to pick up the pieces.

we care about the health and welfare of your family and your home

Your Family Matters to Us!

We’re not just a world class leader in the restoration industry; our staff is filled with people just like you and your family is important to us. At REE-Construction, we handle your disaster recovery as if it had happened to us, to our property, and to our loved ones. We’ll be with you, guiding you – and putting things right!

ice storm - snow damage - restoration recovery

Ice Storms – Frozen Pipes

Have you ever been in an ice storm? They’re totally crazy! First, the power lines get heavy, tree branches turn into logs of ice, and then things start breaking all over. The roads are closed and can’t be driven on, power goes out all over, then pipes begin to freeze and burst. We’ll be there to get frozen water out of your house.

frozen pipe damage boise nampa caldwell eagle kuna star emmett

We Put Things Right!

When an unexpected disaster strikes, you may feel like “you’re underwater” and all by yourself. But we promise you, REE-Construction knows how to “put things right” and how to get your world turned right-side-up in a hurry. Don’t fret – just give us a call 24 hours a day and we’ll guide you through the restoration process.

basement bathroom flooded mold remediation

Home – Basement Floods

Okay, excuse the shark swimming through this guy’s bathroom. We know that flooded homes are not a laughing matter, but we wanted to lighten the mood a little. Put yourself in our shoes – we only get work when someone else has experienced a catastrophe of some kind. Still, we do it better than anyone in your local area.

smoke fire damage boise kuna eagle emmett star middleton weiser nampa caldwell

Smoke Damage Repair

Ahhh… Smoke. Smoke is usually associated with fire and neither one of them are your friends. When you have an abundance of unwanted smoke in your home or commercial property – the damage that it causes can linger on and on if it is not removed and dealt with properly. It’s truly no problem for REE-Construction: Call us.

frozen pipe damage boise nampa caldwell eagle kuna star emmett

Water Leakage or Mold

Whether through slow consistent leaking that may be hard to identify or through a heavy onset of flooding caused by broken sewage, frozen pipes, backed-up plumbing, or even natural disasters and stormy weather – we know how to walk you through quick and professional repairs to make your problems go away.

disaster flooded house broken water pipes

It Will Be Over Soon.

It’s true! You may be in hardship right now, but proper and swift actions can make it go away once and for all. REE-Construction should be your first-line choice because we will properly assess the damage, estimate the repairs and repair process, and then work with you and your insurance step by step through recovery.

we help our customers get the most from their insurance companies.

Licensed – Skilled Experts

REE-Construction can be on your disaster or damage scene within minutes. Then, we’ll start working with you to get the full scope of what has happened. Next, we’ll start the repairs as we work with your insurance agent to make sure you’ll be compensated to the full extent of your policy terms. Let us put things right!