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Mold – Microbial Damage Remediation – Removal in Southern Idaho

Trained & Certified Mold Remediators in Southern Idaho

We subscribe to industry recognized procedures from sources such as the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists and the Environmental Protection Agency

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Our field personnel are trained in proper remediation techniques for mold and sewage clean up. We have participated in hundreds of projects since beginning operations in 1983. We are committed to continued adoption of the most currently accepted industry practices in the area of bio-remediation.

Our company is a member of the  Indoor Air Quality Association and we have IICRC Accredited Mold Remediation Technicians (AMRT) on staff. We were among the first in Idaho to participate in mold remediator certification. We will continue to stay abreast of new information to provide our clients with the best standard of care in the industry.


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Full Service Mold Remediation Services in Southern  Idaho

Southern Idaho – A Local Company – A Rapid Response!

At REE-Construction – First General Idaho we are comfortable completing mold remediation work under a variety of conditions. Whether with the involvement of an Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) of you choosing or working according to your specifications without a protocol written by a third party, we provide the same careful attention to detail and will meet or exceed your expectations.

Mold is not voodoo, it grows and flourishes under a very strict set of conditions. Once those conditions are corrected and the contamination is removed correctly, there is no reason why a building cannot be returned to its full use.

33+ Years of Disaster and Damage Restoration in Southern Idaho

Trust REE-Construction for professional Mold Remediation and Restoration in Treasure Valley, Boise, Mold Removal Nampa, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Star, Middleton, Caldwell, Emmett, Weiser, Horseshoe Bend, Payette, Mountain Home, Magic Valley, Twin Falls, Jerome, Buhl, Burley, Wood River Valley, Hailey, Sun Valley, McCall, Ketchum, and other smaller Southern Idaho cities.

Successfully completing a mold remediation project is generally achieved completing a number of simple processes very well. At REE-Construction, We Put Things Right!


Southern Idaho: Mold Assessment

If you believe you have a mold “problem”.  Testing may or may not a part of an assessment . The EPA writes “[i]n most cases, if visible mold growth is present, sampling is unnecessary”. The first step to solving a mold concern is to understand why there is visible mold growth and that means identifying and correcting the source of uncontrolled water.

Only after the water source has been fixed should a decision  be made about how to approach the remediating the mold and whether testing is advisable. The current standard of care is that if the company providing any testing is the same company providing mold remediation services, a conflict of interest exists.


The Standard of Care for Mold in Southern Idaho

No state or federal regulations establishing the safe limits of mold exposure nor regulating the assessment of mold problems in buildings exist or is there any standard defining “successful” mold project. There is, however,  a Standard of Care for Professional Mold Remediation to guide the remediator with best practices.

That standard is called the IICRC S-520 and describes what a reasonably competent mold remediation contractor shall, should, may or can do to remediate mold as well as additional recommended practices suggested to complete a mold remediation.


Mold Prevention in Southern Idaho

Prevention is not controlled by spraying a chemical on the mold, covering the mold with an encapsulant or coating a surface with some sort of antimicriobial after the mold has been removed.  The only correct solution to prevent mold from growing is to control the accumulation of excess moisture on a surface providing a food source for mold.

Anything less and mold growth will return.  This is the case because mold spores are ubiquitious and once a surface is remediated of visible growth, spores will settle on that surface. If provided with the correct temperature, oxygen, food source and water-they will germinate and begin the process again.

We provide these remediation services in all our market areas including Boise, Twin Falls, Hailey, Ketchum, Burley, Meridian, Sun Valley and surrounding communities.


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Crawlspace Encapsulation System in Southern Idaho

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In addition to mold and odor problems, elevated radon gas concentrations are common to homes and crawlspaces in our area.

Radon is naturally occurring and, unless properly mitigated, may lead to adverse health effects to the occupants of a home. REE-Construction can mitigate elevated radon levels with a system designed and installed by our certified installer.

Mold and odors are most often due to uncontrolled moisture from within the crawlspace environment aggravated by cold air temperatures that result in condensation and accumulation of moisture on rim joists, behind insulation and foundation walls. Mold and dry rot thrive in damp environments.

A crawl space with a properly designed impervious liner will result in lower levels of crawl space moisture–this will lower the relative humidity and prevent mold growth and dry rot.

Exposed dirt crawlspaces may affect you and your entire house.

REE-Construction can fix your dirt crawl space, properly deal with crawl space ventilation, and protect your home and family. Click here to read more about our certified installation.

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