Scoping the Damage

When a home or business is damaged as the result of uncontrolled release of water, a smoke damage or a damage from a fire, the first step is to control the loss.  This is typically accomplished by the intervention of a property damage restoration contracting company that will remove excess water, begin restorative drying and address smoke or fire residues before they cause irreparable damage to things like electronic components or finishes.

Roof Work after Fire
Work is completed on a fire damaged chimney by REE-Construction

Once the conditions that allow continued ill affects to property and contents are completed, a systematic and thorough appraisal of the work required to bring the property back to its pre-loss condition can be completed.

The process that is typically followed to establish the scope of work and arrive at an agreed upon price for completing that work is generally  pretty straightforward.  The insurance company assigned an adjuster to the loss, the homeowner hires a restoration contractor to help them establish what has been damaged and the degree of that damage.  The adjuster may write a preliminary scope of work and place a value on that work, but usually there is an interaction between the contractor chosen by the property owner and the insurer to verify the details of what needs to be done and exactly what the value of the work described will be.

Hiring a competent contractor to act as the trusted advisor during the claims process can help make that process go more smoothly and assure that the full extent of the damage is identified and included in the scope of work that will be undertaken to bring the property back to pre-loss condition.  This isn’t a matter of an adversarial relationship, but a combined effort to make sure that all the damage is identified and a reasonable or appropriate value is placed on the work required to complete those repairs, replacement or restoration.

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